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MI-17Trout Adventures is dedicated to bringing all of the world’s trout to those that enjoy fly fishing. The site has information, books and links on all of the world’s trout. Click on Destinations for places or Trout of the World if you want to look for a specific type. The Information section contains a series of Trout Adventure books that guides the reader to all of the trout and tells what it takes to catch them. A click on a book title will take you to the purchase location or tell when it will be available. All of the sections are updated periodically.

Trout Adventures is a quest to catch all of the different species of trout around the world as well and test all of the world’s trout water. The site will get you there and provides the information that was discovered along the way. It is organized by regions around the world. Each region is composed of several countries and each country is identified. The trout species that were found in the region is what the adventure was all about and are the story of Trout Adventures. These trout regions are shown in the Destinations section. This worldwide search for trout continues and more information is provided in periodic updates. The Destinations area has links to other sites that provide more information on each part of the world and the trout that live there. All have pictures and more information about various parts of the world. They also provide more insight into what is in the books. There is specific information in the Trout Adventure books. The books and identified in the Information section and a click on the title will give a thumbnail outline of what the book is about. There is travel information, information about the countries and what to expect when traveling in that part of the world.

Trout of the World has photos of the world’s trout. More information and all species are located in the various destinations. There are many different trout grand slams around the world and reviewing these pictures will give some idea of what is available in each part of the world. There are many beautiful fish: White Spotted Char, Lenok, Gillaroo, and Apache Trout are trout with a different look and yet are beautiful fish. The rare trout of the world have been highlighted in the books along with pictures and status.

Trout Adventures has been developed by author Bob Willis. Willis has been on a quest to catch all of the world’s trout for many years. This search has taken him around the world and the majority of trout species have been caught. A few countries remain unfished and more are added each year as the adventure continues. Look for the Trout Adventures logo to find out about the world’s trout. To visit with Willis about trout click on one of the areas in the contact section.