This site is about trout and has information on all of the world’s trout. The information was gathered over many years of fishing and searching. The search led to several books and the development of the Trout Adventures series of websites. This is the master site that connects all of the location sites and books. It also has all of the trout that have been found as well as a summary of the world’s trout fishing. Catching all of the Grayling around the world is also part of adventure and there is a book on Grayling. The picture is a Yellowtail Grayling from Mongolia.

aboutThe goal of the site is to get information into the hands of the fly fisherman. To allow people to find some of the most magnificent places in the world and to catch some very nice fish while they are there. Destinations will take those interested in trout to the various countries and discuss the fishing in a few of the places. Each area in the Destinations section has a website with more general information. Specific information is identified in the Information section with ten books about fly fishing the world. A summary of each book is available when the title is accessed. Within that summary is a website where the book may be purchased. All are either currently on Amazon or will be when the book is published. Four of the books will be available by the end of 2015.

Trout of the World is a gallery of the fish around the world. Not all of the fish are located in this section but most are and those that are not are located on the location websites. The world’s grayling are also part of Trout Adventures and pictures of the different grayling are on the location sites.

The site is designed to be simple and provide information. We are always open for ways to improve.