Trout Adventures has trout information on many destinations around the world. Catching all of the world’s trout requires a great deal of travel and this page locates the various trout regions. Information is in the form of books and websites which shows the fish and the places where they live. This page identifies destinations and has links to other sites with specific information. Some of the websites are in the development stage so be patient. If there are any questions about destinations make a contact.

North America
The United States, Canada and Mexico have more species of trout than any other continent. There are 32 different types of trout in this part of the world and they were a challenge to catch. Most of the species and subspecies live in the western United States. This part of the world required more time to find and catch all of the different trout that any other. The trout in North America also required more lake fishing. There were hikes into western mountains as well as searches in Alaska and Canada for some of the rarest trout. There were many exciting trips into beautiful mountains with pristine water. To find out more about the trout of North America look at the website

Detailed information is in the book Trout Adventures North America.

Far East
The mysterious Far East is home to the largest trout in the world and also has the best population of grayling. There are several countries that have big trout. Lenok, Taimen, Rainbow and White Spotted Char in this region of the world are some of the largest trout. Fly fishing the area is different and it may be the best dry fly fishing that can be found. There are three places that stand out. The northern island of Hokkaido in Japan, northern Mongolia and the Kamchatka Peninsula of the Russian Far East are prime destinations but there is good fishing in many places. More information about the Far East is one the website

Detained information is in the book Trout Adventures Fly Fishing the Far East.

Atlantic Islands
There are four islands in the Atlantic that are excellent trout destinations. The British Isles, Ireland, Greenland and Iceland all have good trout fishing and there are big trout. The countries on the British Isles provide a different fly fishing experience. England, Wales and Scotland all have beautiful water and some of the most technical fly fishing that can be found. Ireland has several unique trout and many of the trout in Ireland are in the loughs that require a different fishing technique. Iceland has two trout species and is one of the best places in the world to find large Brown Trout. Greenland is a breathtaking country with scenic views and Arctic Char. Greenland may have the best Arctic Char fishing in the world. The website for the Atlantic Islands is

The book for this area is Trout Adventures British Isles, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland.

Western Europe
There are four countries in Western Europe with decent trout fishing and in some rivers the fishing can be excellent. Italy, Spain, France and Austria all have good trout populations in the mountain rivers. Northern France has a few rivers with large grayling and there is a Brown Trout subspecies known as Zebra Trout in France. There is also a Brown Trout subspecies in Italy that is marked differently than most Brown’s. The website for this part of the world is The book will be released later.

Eastern Europe
The countries in Eastern Europe have some very interesting trout. These trout go by different names and probably the best known is the European Taimen that is known as Huchen, Hugo, and Danube Salmon. By whatever name this is the largest trout in Europe but there are other types of trout that make Eastern Europe a good trout destination. Marble Trout, Neretva Trout and Southmouth Trout are just some of the species in the waters. There are several countries with good trout rivers. Bosna, Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro all have some very unique trout and very fishable water. The website for this part of the world is and the book will be released later.

Scandinavia is best known for Atlantic Salmon fishing but there are many rivers with trout and some of the northern rivers also have grayling. The trout that dominates the rivers in this part of the world are Brown Trout. Many coastal rivers have the sea run form known as Sea Trout. These ocean Browns are almost always larger than the fresh water fish and are surprisingly common. It is possible to catch Sea Trout in downtown Stockholm. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and European Russia Have Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout. The Kola Peninsula of Russia may have the best Atlantic Salmon fishing in the world and also has some excellent Sea Trout fishing. The website for Scandinavia trout is and the book will be released at a future date.

South America
Trout were transplanted into several rivers in the Andes Mountains over 100 years ago. These fish have flourished and in several rivers have become some of the largest trout in the world. Rainbow, Brown and Brook can be found in many mountain rivers in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Costa Rica in Central America also has transplanted trout and this country is included in the information on South America. Lake Trout also exist in a few lakes in the mountain countries. South America is a good destination for large Brown Trout and has several famous rivers. The South American website is

New Zealand/Australia
The North and South Islands of New Zealand are well known for big Rainbow Trout. The country is considered one of the prime destinations for Rainbow. There are also Brown trout and Sea Trout in many rivers and there are many rivers to fish on both islands. A surprise is that there are trout in the neighboring country of Australia. There are Brown and Rainbow Trout in western Australia and on the island of Tasmania. Much of the trout program in Western Australia is supported by stocking but there is decent trout fishing in both of these areas of the country. The website for New Zealand and Australia Trout is